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AFTERSCHOOL 2020-2021 (CPSD students)
We are adjusting our After-School program to accommodate working parents for a Hybrid school start for CPSD.  We will provide After-school care (2:20pm – 6:00pm) on your child’s school days, including pick-up and transportation from school, snack, and homework assistance, as well as full-day care (7:00am-6:00pm), including lunch and snacks, on the other days each week.   The hybrid program will run August 13 – Sept 4.  Enrollment for Hybrid After-School will only require our normal After-School registration fee of $85.00.  Our regular After-School program will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020.  
After-School tuition will be billed as follows:
August 13-14 – $50   (includes 1 day of After-School and 1 full day at Funtime)
August 17-21 – $140 (includes 2 days of After-School and 3 full days at Funtime)
August 24-28 – $140  (includes 2 days of After-School and 3 full days at Funtime)
August 31- Sept. 4 – $140  (includes 2 days of After-School and 3 full days at Funtime)
Sept. 8 – End of school year – $85/week  (covers all school holidays for a TRADITIONAL school year)
Funtime will extend our Hybrid schedule if necessary to accommodate the CPSD school start-up plan.
Children enrolled in After-School generally are billed $85/week for the entire school year, which includes full-day care on all regular school holidays.  If the school schedule has more holidays this year than normal, we will adjust our tuition accordingly for the added days.  We do not offer any part-time tuition discounts or drop-in rates at this time.  We accept full-time children only, and all children and staff will be checked daily for symptoms of COVID-19 (or any other illness).  Hand sanitizer is required upon entry of our building or vehicles.   Limited drop-off time (7:00 – 8:30am), facility lock-down (staff and children ONLY are allowed in Funtime facilities), and other current COVID-19 safety policies and procedures will also remain in effect.  
Thanks for your cooperation as we work through these ever-changing circumstances and make adjustments to our schedule and tuition as necessary.  We work closely with CPSD, and it is our goal to always provide uninterrupted childcare service so that your work schedules and responsibilities are not affected by the ever-changing school schedules.
Please feel free to call us at 601-924-6500 or email us at should you have any additional questions.
CPSD AFTER-SCHOOL REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  AUGUST 3, 2020 – So that all Funtime children can be placed in the same Hybrid groups.
AFTERSCHOOL 2020-2021 (CCA students)

Our After-School program for CCA students begins August 10, 2020.  Registration requires our normal $85 After-School registration fee, and tuition will be billed at $85.00/week beginning August 10.  Our calendar for full-day care on school holidays follows the Clinton Public Schools, so our hours and holiday-care calendar may not always coordinate with private school schedules. Typically, our tuition remains unchanged at $85.00/week and includes full day care on school holidays (as scheduled on a typical CPSD school calendar).   Tuition charges are not guaranteed to remain unchanged throughout the school year due to possible changes in school schedules.

Please feel free to call us at 601-924-6500 or email us at should you have any additional questions.





Pre-School / After-School  2020-2021

Our program meets all of the additional Health Department requirements as well as additional safety and precautionary procedures we have enacted to ensure the safest possible environment for our children and staff.  Live tours are not permitted at this time due to our facility being on lock-down, however, we will be glad to offer you a VIRTUAL TOUR.  Please call 601-925-5437 for a virtual tour.

Below are some of the additional COVID-19 features/procedures of our program:

Facility lock-down. Only well children and staff are allowed inside our building.  Symptoms  are checked and temperature taken before any child or staff may enter.
Curb-side drop-off and pick-up.  Following a symptoms-check, our staff will take children to wash/sanitize hands and to their classrooms, and we will bring them back to your vehicle at pick-up, as no parents are allowed inside the building.  Drop-off time is between 7:00 and 8:30am.
Symptom-checks throughout the day.  Anyone with any fever or symptom will be immediately separated from the group and the room cleared and sanitized.  A doctor’s note may be required to return.
Room sanitation procedures performed throughout the day.
Funtime Pre-school provides parents with a login to our exclusive high-definition streaming video camera system.  You can keep a close eye on your child from your phone, tablet, or desktop.
Funtime provides morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.
Hours:  7:00 – 6:00pm.
Location:  Pre-School children are located at our Clinton Parkway facility (400 Clinton Parkway, Clinton, MS).  School-Age children are located at our After-School facility on Hwy 80 (931 Hwy 80 E, Clinton, MS)
Price:  Pre-School Tuition is $160 per child per week and includes all activities, supplies, snacks, and meals.
Funtime is a certified CCAIR site!  Please click the image below to apply for ESSENTIAL WORKER CHILDCARE VOUCHERS.  These vouchers will pay on your childcare account if are in the medical field, a first responder, or most any other essential worker!  The application process is quick and easy. You only need a few things:
Proof of employment (ID, Check stub, etc.)
Copy of driver’s license
Child’s birth certificate and child’s SSN
ALL children (needing childcare) and spouse must be added as a household members. If you are in the medical field, or a first responder, you will select “Emergency (CCAIR) Parent Application.”  This person should be the first family member entered. All other families will select “Parent Application”. ALL Funtime Families will select FUNTIME PRESCHOOL as their school. If you are approved, the state will send Funtime your certificate and will pay us monthly.  You will then only be responsible for the portion of tuition the state voucher doesn’t cover. We encourage ALL families to apply.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information.
Click on the Logo below to apply for Essential Worker Vouchers.
To begin the childcare application process please click on the link below.  If you have any questions, please call us at 601-925-5437.

Application for Childcare

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