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Funtime Clinton

My First Funtime

Premium Level Childcare for Infants and Toddlers

Our vision at My First Funtime is to provide a premium level of care for children ages six weeks through twelve years, which meets the safety, nutritional, physical, developmental, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the children we serve.

At My First Funtime we consider it a privilege to serve our babies through some of their most significant developmental stages. Research shows that birth to age 3 is the most significant time in a child’s development.  We believe our littlest learners need and deserve the most individual attention and endless opportunities to foster their communication, physical growth, and social/emotional development. Our Infant-care facility and entire infant/toddler program are designed specifically for such ages to provide every need in the safest and cleanest environment possible.

All the best for your babies:

  • Secure door locks ensure that only our well qualified staff have access to the facility
  • Most all of our staff members are certified in Child and Infant CPR and First Aid
  • Our building is designed with many safety features including a fire alarm, sprinkler system, and electrical outlets placed well out of reach of children
  • Our limited-access policy, strict sanitization procedures, nightly professional cleaning and sanitizing service, and air-sanitizers in all air-conditioner units ensure the most sanitary environment possible for our infants’ developing immune systems
  • My First Funtime has a large fenced backyard, because even our infants and toddlers need and love to play and stroll around outdoors
  • Funtime families have access to our full color, high-definition indoor and outdoor streaming cameras, so checking in on your baby is as easy as picking up your phone
  • Curb-side dropoff (7:00 – 8:30am) and pick-up (anytime before 6:00pm) makes getting to work and back home quick, safe, and easy for our families

Aligned with Mississippi Early Learning Standards

Our goal at My First Funtime is to support infants in their individual growth process and facilitate learning opportunities through both routine care and play-based exploration. By aligning activities with the Mississippi Early Learning Standards, we aim to support babies and children in all facets of their early childhood development and education.